Training Philosophy:

  • Training is about building a loving relationship between humans and dogs.
  • Training should be about encouraging and teaching dogs how to make good choices
  • Training takes into account a dog’s individual wants and needs. They have their own thoughts and feelings, and a trainer should be considerate and conscious of that fact!

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General Service:


-Potty training

  • Creating and maintaining a schedule and working with owners
  • Proper rewarding for success


  • Working with relaxation protocol
  • Staying under threshold
  • Acclimating to exciting stimuli

-Attention Building and Recall

  • Basic attention building all the way up to more complex heeling
  • Recall

-Leash Handling

  • Loose leash walking
  • Proper two handed leash technique

-Working with anxieties and fear

  • Proper attitude when dealing with fear and anxiety
  • Staying under threshold
  • Working with a dog’s boundaries
  • Reading canine body language in stressful situations
  • Avoiding stressful interactions and scenarios

-Desensitization and Acclimatization

  • Noise
  • Human and animal
  • Equipment and clothing
  • Body handling and manipulating

-Trick Training

  • Rob is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) and has experience with teaching dozens of tricks
  • Certifying client’s dogs as Trick Dogs
  • Working with clients if they wish to become CTDIs
  • Creating a fun and stimulating bond with a dog
  • Priming a dog for advanced behaviors and quicker learning for any sort of training

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